Friday, December 19, 2014

Introduction to OSB

This is my first post on OSB, being a SOA developer OSB is always confusing, I will try to present OSB from the eyes of a Oracle SOA Developer.

OSB is stateless.

1. This means their is no SOA_INFRA schema where all the activities are getting logged, being a SOA developer we know whats the importance of audit trail when we have to debug.

2. We don't have asynchronous process in OSB, for the obvious reason as there is no place where we can dehydrate an instance and invoke it back when we receive the response.


1. As their is no logging in the DB (SOA_INFRA), which makes it very fast, according to claims its 2.5 times faster in performance then SOA. I say everything happens in air in OSB.

2. OSB is a perfect technology where performance is mainly important.

OSB Vs Mediator

From my experience I have found mediator is nowhere faster then BPEL which is theoretically told, so it does not stand anywhere near to OSB.

Mediator can only connect different web services or adapter, however we can not put any orchestration logic.

So OSB is BPEL plus Mediator and is 2.5 times faster but has no audit trail.

Basic components of OSB

There are only two components in OSB which do all the magic, Business Service and Proxy Service

Business Service:

Business Service is adapter of SOA.
We have separate adapters for web service, database, JMS, file/ftp, rest etc, in OSB business service acts as single adapter to do absolutely everything and can do actually more then SOA adapters.

Proxy Service:

Proxy service is BPEL activity of SOA.
All the orchestration logic is written inside proxy service.

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