Thursday, May 5, 2011

Calling one BPEL process from another

A simple example of "Calling one BPEL process from another in a composite"

Step1.) Inside the composite drop a BPEL process this is the BPEL process which we want to call "BPELProcess1", uncheck 'expose as a SOAP service'

Step2.) Open the BPELProcess1 and drop a 'assign' activity in between.

Step3.) Open the 'assign' activity and concat() the input string with "Hello!!!"

Step4.) Now drop a new BPELProcess2, this will call "BPELProcess1" expose this process as SOAP Service,

Step5.) Join wires of BPELProcess2 with BPELProcess1

Step6.) Open "BPELProcess2", here we can see the BPELProcess1 as partner link

Step7.) Invoke BPELProcess1 from inside BPELProcess2

Step8.) Map the input of BPELProcess2 with the invoke activity input variable and also the output variable of invoke activity with the output of BPELProcess2

Step9.)Deploy the Composite

Step10.) Test