Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to rename composite in Oracle SOA

Step1.) Rename the project by first selecting on the project explorer(Jdev) and then on the tabs click refactor > rename

Step2.) Change the file name

Step3.) Change the composite name inside composite.xml

Step4.) Inside the project properties change the default package

Step5.) Once Jdev restart we will again see the same project name,
after this open the project again and this time select the renamed .jpr

Step6.) We will again see the renamed project

In addition to this,

To change the project folder name. 

1. Remove the project from application In JDEV
2. Close JDEV
3. Rename the project directory on Explorer.
4. Start JDEV, open the project in JDEV

Even after renaming compsite, deployment jar file will have old composite name.

To change the jar(SOA-SAR) file name from OLD composite to new composite name

1. Right click on project -> Project properties -> Deployment -> Select New deployment profile -> Enter new composite name -> OK

2. Delete the old deployment profile.