Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to migrate SOA process from 10G to 11G

I have been doing lot of migration from SOA 10G to 11G from past few months and would like to share how I do it, bit late, however better late then never.

Migration is overall a straight forward and tool based task.

I will take an example of 3 simple SOA 10G process and migrate them to SOA 11G using JDeveloper.
I have BPELProcessA and BPELProcessB which are being invoked from BPELProcessC.

Step 1.) First check the BPEL process which are independent, i.e. they are not invoking any other BPEL process, these independent process are the first one to be migrated and deployed to SOA 11G server, in our case BPELProcessA and BPELProcessB.

Step 2.) If your BPEL process was renamed at any point of time, then it might create issues later while you are doing some enhancement in the SOA 11G composite, the quickest way to check if this was renamed is to go to bpel.xml file and check , in the below print screen we can see the id and src are two different name, so change BPELProcessA back to original name ProcessA

*** I have not used renamed BPEL process for this, so I will continue with my same process names.

Step 3.) Now we can migrate BPELProcessA and BPELProcessB using JDeveloper, we simply open the SOA 10G process in 11G JDeveloper, as soon as we click on .jpr file the migration wizard pops up.

Step 4.) We can put the .xsd and .xsl files to proper xsd and xsl folder and make necessary changes in WSDL and .bpel file respectively, unnecessary output folder can be deleted as we have deploy folder instead.

Step 5.) Deploy this BPELProcessA composite to Weblogic server and repeat the same steps for BPELProcessB as well.

Step 6.) Now we have to migrate the dependent process BPELProcessC, if we see the bpel.xml file of this process we can see the WSDL URL's for BPELProcessA and BPELProcessB, we have to replace these 10G URL's with the new URL's (SOA 11G), once this is done repeat step 1-5

This completes the migration.

Post migration changes

1.) Change the location of .xsd and .xsl files to their respective folders

2.) If you were using preference in SOA 10G then in 11G it will be inside composite.xml file, you need to append bpel in the property name.

3.) Go to all the adapter and run the wizard to check if they are fine, if you find issues with the adapters better recreate them.

4.) In DB adapter we have requirements where we do logical delete in polling, however we want to update some other table or procedure from where we have polled from, below blog shows how this is done, if you have done this anywhere in your SOA 10G BPEL, its better to recreate the DB adapter fresh, as this has performance issues after migration.

5.) If you have used java activity inside your 10G BPEL we usually use import which refer to packages in SOA 10G, the package names have changed in SOA 11G. So you might need to change the package names.

6.) Go inside .xsl files and make sure the oracle-xsl-mapper part is changes to the new URL's or the xsd and you are able to open the xsl file in design view.

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