Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Implementing MDS in Oracle SOA 11G

MDS is used as a repository for managing and reusing shared resources like XSD, WSDL, XSL files.
MDS should be implemented from day 1 of development otherwise developers will run into XSD mismatch, also during production it will be very tough to keep the XSD same.

The concept is very simple, rather than each project picking the xsd (any other file) from there project's 'xsd' folder, pick it from the common/shared folder.

Oracle SOA suite 11G provides Central MDS and Local MDS.
  • Central MDS is present inside the SOA server
  • Local MDS is a folder inside the JDeveloper

*** Ideally all the artifacts should be inside the central MDS.

We will go through step by step creating Central MDS repository for keeping XSD, use them in project and later see how to remove XSD from Central MDS.

Creating Central MDS repository for keeping XSD:

Step1.) Making MDS connection in JDeveloper

a.) Make a Database connection to MDS schema, all the XSD will get saved inside the DEV_MDS schema, this schema gets created when we run RCU.bat file, please run rcu.bat again if you have skipped it while installation.

b.) Create a new MDS connection, this MDS connection is to the Database, set the Connection type as "DB based MDS", this is actually creating MDS in the SOA server which saves all the repository files in the database (DEV_MDS).

We can now browse to the MDS repository and see what are the files inside it, this is the place where where the XSD files will come up.

Step2.) Pick the XSD files from the local system, While doing the JDeveloper installation it create a local MDS for us which is replicated in the central MDS, we will keep the XSD files in the local directory.

Go to this location on local system "Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration\seed\" and create a new folder in it 'apps' Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration\seed\apps
and paste all the XSD's you want to move to central MDS.
I have pasted here 'Employee.xsd'

Step3.) Create a simple JAR deployment profile that contains the artifacts,
Create a new SOA project in JDeveloper and select empty composite, double click on the project to go on the properties.

Create a new deployment profile with name "SharedSOACentralMDS" type "JAR File"

Click on contributors and add a new contributor.

Browse for the folder "Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration\seed\apps"

Now click on Filters to check which all files we want to put on Central MDS, this is the screen where we can decide which files will go inside the MDS

Next, we have to create a deployment profile of the type SOA Bundle at the level of the composite application.

Create a new deployment profile of type "SOA Bundle" and go on dependencies

Step4.) Deployment

Deployment success

** If you want to use some other folder other then apps then we can add that inside Jdev adf-config.xml

Add the folder location and inside that a seed folder.

Browse through the MDS connection we created in JDeveloper

Using files from MDS in project

Create a new BPEL process by dropping a BPEL process on composite.xml

For the input and output of this process we will refer to the XSD present in the central MDS.

Un-check the option for "copy to project" to use it from MDS and take a look at the URL "oramds:/apps/Employee.xsd"

Repeat the same for output variable too.

Now we will go inside the WSDL file and check what is the difference, instead of picking it from the xsd folder it is using "oramds:/apps/Employee.xsd" and picking it from the MDS

Deleting files from MDS

We can use Weblogic scripting tool (WLST) to delete this folder from MDS,
double click "wlst.cmd" inside C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_SOA1\common\bin to start


  1. Hi Yatin.

    While going through this example I put the xsd files inside location C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\integration\seed\soa instead of apps folder and created jar file of it. After deployment on application server these xsd's are coming inside the apps folder of SOA-MDS(database connection) on my application server.
    Irrespective of any folder on the local file system will it deployed aany file type inside the apps folder of Central MDS ?

  2. Hi Yatin,

    I am looking for a more basic tutorial kind of materal on just what is MDS implementation in SOA world. A quick google search does not help much; can you pls ?

  3. Hi Yatin,
    Could you please tell me how to delete Single XSD from MDS. I want to delete only one XSD.

  4. Hi' Raghav,

    Please follow the below URL


  5. Hi,
    Is there a way to add a single XSD file without disturbing any existing files in the MDS.
    I have 200 schemas and only one of them needs to be changed how do i do that without disturbing the rest of the schemas.

    1. Hi SK,

      While deploying the folder, there are two options:
      1. If nothing has changed in the other 199 schemas, then you can deploy them as a folder. Doesn't matter right?
      2. If there are changes in the other schemas and you don't want to deploy them as it may affect your apps, then during deployment, unselected everything apart from the one that you want to deploy.


  6. I was looking for a tutorial that will guide me all the basic steps to implement MDS in Oracle and this article is absolutely amazing. After understanding all these steps I am going to follow as per your steps and if any problem occurs I will surely let you know. Thanks buddy for explaining the whole process in such a simple way.
    oracle ebs

  7. Hi Yatin ,

    When i try the above command to delete , it showing the error message like

    Traceback (innermost last):
    File "", line 1, in ?
    NameError: sca_removeSharedData

    Could you please help me on this

    1. You must be running the WLST from Middleware home. Try running the same from Oracle_HOME.

  8. thank you! it surely helps.

  9. hi
    you explained MDS connection concept for local server
    but what abt remote server and

    how to deploy reusable xsd's
    1.jar file or
    2.soa bundle

    please help me i'm getting errors while deploying entire project
    variable conflict was arising i'm unable to resolve it

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the post. I have created a MDS repository in the SOA server and kept my xsds, wsdls, and rule dictionary (.rules) in the repository.
    I now want to use the same rule dictionary in another project. is there a way to import the rule dictionary from server MDS?
    I have tried importing wsdls and xsd's from the remote MDS, but am not able to import the rule dictionary.
    Do you have any idea to do the same?Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Sapna,
      I'm unable to import or link my Rule Dictionary from MDS as well. I am able to link to an existing Dictionary in the soa/shared folder. Is there a restriction on how to store a Rule Dictionary in MDS?

      Thank you.

  11. Hi ,

    i am unable to create my files under apps directory in MDS, its going and sitting in other directory .need help on this .

    1. In the local directory where your JDEV is installed have you put the file inside this. You have to create the folder inside apps. What have you done ?