Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reading a XML file using File adapter in Oracle BPEL

Read XML file using Oracle BPEL file adapter.

Hi, This is my first blog and I am very excited about it.

From some last few months I am working on File adapter and wondering how complex is a file adapter. Also I feel the design of file adapter is very strange, because the behavior of file adapter is very different from what we ever expect.

Here is a simple example of reading a XML file using file adapter. With file adapter we can either read or write a file,

The read operation can be either a "synchronous read" or "read",

In Synchronous read, inside an a BPEL process we can provide the file details and read a file,

In a ‘read operation’ we can poll a file from a directory.

Now we will see how we can read a file (poll) in windows environment
Sample files

Note** for UNIX environment change target namespace
xsi:schemaLocation=" \home\file\XSD\emp.xsd"


Step1. Create a new empty BPEL project

Step2. Drop a file adapter from 'component pallet --> services' to ‘Services’ inside Jdeveloper window

Step3. Configure file adapter

(a) Name the file adapter which will becomes the service name.

(b) Select ‘read’ as operation type.

(c) Provide directory location for incoming file, here we can browse the location or can give the logical path name and can later configure it inside the bpel.xml file.

(d) File filtering, this is wild pattern for a file name.

(e) Configure polling frequency and the age of file i.e. the time the file has been inside the directory.

(f) Provide the schema file (XSD), this is a very interesting configuration screen, as we can decide here weather we want to read a XML file, opaque file or CSV file, etc

(g) Finish

Step4. Configure the receive activity to receive the contents from file adapter, remember selecting the create instance.

Step5. Finish

Step6. Deploy

Step7. Test

Some interesting facts about file adapters
1.) If the XML file is incorrect then by default the file will get deleted and will move to “Oracle_Home\bpel\domains\domain_name\jca\project_directory\rejectedMessages”, however we can move it to location of our desire by configuring “failedMessageHandlers” property inside bpel.xml
2.) The file adapter does not verify the contents of the XML file with the schema mentioned in the file adapter (Step 3, f); what it does by default is verify the contents of the XML with the schema mentioned inside the XML file’s target namespace.


  1. Hi,
    Article is really helpful.
    I am beginner in this. Is it possible to provide some sample of xml(input) and xsd(schema) files ?


  2. Hey.
    I am using Jdeveloper 11g. I followed the same steps but didn't get the output. Application deployment happens successfully but on server side UI didn't get any output.


  3. Hi Suman,

    If no instance is getting created on UI(em comsole) then the XML file you are polling is invalid, i.e. its not valid according to XSD.
    Can you try using the same XML and XSD I have used, or create XML and XSD by using JDEV


  4. Hi Yatan,

    can we pass an xml instance file to the bpel process that has no namespaces declared. What I mean is that the structure of the parent and child nodes is in accordance with the schema document but no declarations like (xmlns="") are there. It is just a plain xml document that has no namespaces but whose structure and name of tags matches that of the schema document.

  5. Hi Andy,

    The file adapter will reject all such XML files which are without namespace.


  6. hi good post yaar... but i am having an issue.. i am not able to insert into db the data wat i got... do you have end to end ,like reading a xml file and then inserting into the db...

  7. Hi',

    Thanks for comment.
    If you want to insert data received from a XML file inside DB then you can do 2 things.

    1.) Convert the data received from file into bit64Encoding and then passing that data in DB, you can make the data type of the table column as blob type.

    2.) Make the data type of DB table column as XML type and then pass the data received from the file into it.


  8. hi yatan thanks i got .. it.. but i have question

    i am having two tables header an line but and i am getting two xml from two file adapters.. can you please guide me how to approach.

    urgent yaar..

  9. Sorry I didn't understood your requirement.

  10. Hi,

    It is good & informative.
    I am trying to read a CSV file and then write it to a new file using file adapter.
    But the problem is that in the target file I am getting only commas without the actual content.

    Please help.

  11. Its a very informative site and what Yatan is doing quite commendable.Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.Looking forward to more such articles.
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  12. hi one doubt how to read particuler data from xml using file adapters

  13. Hello Yatan,

    I have created an sample application for list of files using file adapter. Could you please help me how to pick the file as per current date. Kindly do the needful


  14. Hello Yatan,

    Can I use the same exact process that you have described here to import .CSV file?